Areas Of Legal Practice

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‘Law’ being a vast subject includes many sub areas that are separately chosen in the legal practice. Sometimes the courts are also divided in line with the categorization that is involved in law. The main classification of law is in to civil and criminal law. While criminal law is further categorized depending on the level of punishments that can be granted by court, civil law has many categories such as divorce, testamentary, partition, etc. following are certain categories of legal practice that are needed very often.

Criminal lawCriminal law includes the wrongdoings that are very serious and which can affect not just one individual but the society as a whole. The legal term used for the explanation given is ‘offence’. In all the countries these offences are laid down in enactments with the punishments for the offences.  The procedure when applying criminal laws is different than to the procedure for civil law.

Land lawLand law specifies the law that governs the aspects involved in the management, ownership and disposing of properties. Testamentary matters are also involved in land law as that is how properties will devolve when a person dies. Drafting of a will and contesting a will in NSW are important to be known and there are lawyers who are specialized in the land and testamentary matters. Now there is a distinct category for probate lawyers Sydney as well and they are especially skilled on related probate matters. Partition law is also an area involved in land law which determines the rights and duties of co-owners of a land. In addition to that executing a deed, transferring of ownership, acquiring ownership are also sub categories of land law. Many statutes are enacted in countries in order to govern the matters involved in land law.

Family lawIn many countries one court is named as the family court and there are separate counselors called family counselors as well. Mainly marriage, divorce, adoption, maintenance, custody, aspects relating to as illegitimate child, etc are involved in family law mainly.  Recognition of family law suggests the importance that is given to a family as a special entity in the society. it is known that the stronger the families in the society are better the society will function. Family is the most basic yet most important entity in the world. Legal provisions are created in a way that protects the family and ensures its advancement. Many international conventions have also been enacted and ratified by many countries in the world and such also involve provisions relating to the family matters. Rights of children and women are more prominently involved in the international conventions.