How Your Divorce Can Affect Your Kids

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Getting a divorce is not as simple as breaking away from the institution of marriage, if you have kids. You may cease to be someone’s husband or wife but your role as a father or mother remains the same. Most couples would rather tolerate an unhappy marriage than get divorced so that their children will not have to go through the trauma of a divorce. However, children cannot be kept deluded for long, because your issues can affect them, hence if a divorce is the best option you may take it. Along with you, your kids will also have to confront the consequences of the split.

Being Used As a Messenger
Usually when couples cease communication, they tend to use their kids to send across messages to each other. You always have the option of using any other form of non-verbal communication using either a text message or email to send messages. Using your child for this purpose is clearly not a good idea because then they get drawn in to your problems and it is always best if you can keep them away from it.
Appearance at Court Rooms
Children are mostly affected mentally in having to present themselves at court rooms. They are brought in to a public platform and debated about. Child custody lawyers would help you solve the issue of how you are going to share the kids during the week with each other. If you are lucky to obtain full custody it reduces the hassle, however it is best that your child gets the love and care of both parents. Being a bad spouse does not necessarily mean that one is a bad parent.
Be Realistic With Custody
Decide what is best for your child. You need to be able to take care of the kids if you want to win the custody. You may be able to provide financially, but make sure you have the capability to spend enough time with them. If you have a busy life, it’s best you allow your spouse to have custody without simply winning it and not being able to take care of your children. Child custody lawyers will provide necessary guidance in the process of making such decisions.
Consider Your Child’s Needs
Make sure you are aware of what your kids feel about the divorce and if they want to spend time with both parents. For instance, if the child dislikes a parent and if he or she wins custody over the child, the child is not going to be happy. Hence it is important that you look into all aspects that could affect you as well as your child prior to taking a drastic decision. For more info about family law Brisbane, contact EMFL.